These resources have been most helpful for me in supplementation to psychotherapy and medication. I'm a firm believer that the very best thing you can do is work with the right mental health professional to solidly begin healing.

If you are in crisis please call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.


a collection of sacred tools for anxiety relief and mindfulness

  • Weightles - a motivational blog by Margarita Tartakovsky specifically focused on body image and recovery from eating disorders, Weightless is an instantly soothing and uplifting space where Margarita shares phenomenal insights on self-care and acceptance that cross the dialogues of different personal struggles.
  • OnBeing - the brainchild of public radio host Krista Tippett, OnBeing divides itself between a podcast, radio show, and blog where some of the world's most compassionate and empowering minds share deep conversations on the vulnerability and sober joy of being human.
  • Yoga with Adriene - Adriene Mishler brings heart, humor, and emotional acceptance to the practice of hatha yoga. Utilizing both the physical tradition of yoga and its accompanying breath-work, Adriene delves into many different aspects of life through yoga and maintains a body-positive, self-accepting attitude at every end. My favorite way to do one of Adriene's yoga flow videos is immediately after I take a few moments for meditation and prayer, by candlelight with soothing instrumental music in the background.
  • Zentangle - imagine my delight to realize one needn't be able to draw a straight line to create soothing artwork! Zentangling is an intuitive art form that takes a meditative approach to drawing; by simply following easy step-by-step patterns, Zentangle gives everyone the opportunity to focus their intention on peace and create beautiful, calming art in the process.
  • Mother Mary Oracle Cards - as a believer in the Divine and a particular admirer of Mother Mary, Alana Fairchild's oracle cards called out to me instantly and quickly became a favorite way to communicate my feelings and receive insights from grace. The artwork of each card by Shiloh Sophia McCloud is astonishingly evocative and beautifully emphasizes the messages Fairchild intuits from the Holy Mother.


downloads and resources for quietly courageous work

  • Pacifica - a truly lovely endeavor, Pacifica is a free app that allows users to track anxiety, do relaxation exercises, and participate in an anonymous, healing community. Utilizes the basics of CBT, Pacifica also events users to set goals for exposures (challenges that will allow them to test their recovery tools).
  • SAM - developed in the UK for, as the acronym states, Social Anxiety Management, SAM is a free app that works as a toolbox for anxiety sufferers. A particularly useful element of SAM, for me, has been the Help for anxiety NOW section, which very simply and straightforwardly helps users through panic attacks.
  • Pixelthoughts - a beautiful little space, Pixelthoughts invites visitors to type their nagging thoughts into a bubble and provides a perspective-changing, heart-opening meditation that helps them let go of the things that are troubling them - all in about a minute.


the books that have inspired and encouraged my journey

  • Firstlight by Sue Monk Kidd
  • Start Where You Are by Pema Chodron
  • Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity by David Whyte
  • Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
  • A Thousand Mornings: Poems by Mary Oliver
  • The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown
  • Letters to a Young Poet by Ranier Maria Rilke
  • Quiet by Susan Cain
  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle