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I will be hidden, always,
in the quiet moments
of my own soul.

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Hi, I'm Casee, and this is Blaze.


Blaze and I met when I was two years into recovery from severe anxiety and she was one year into life at the pound. I had spent nearly a decade struggling to leave the house due to anticipatory anxiety and daily panic attacks. Blaze had been found, at six years old, abandoned in the basement of her owners' foreclosed home. We were both a bit of a mess, both in search of peace, and both in need of a friend. As fate would have it, we met one early morning in late June, and we've been besties ever since.


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I write for creative nonfiction, intentional poetry, and heart-centered articles. You can find my writing monthly in The Perpetual You magazine.

You can find my poetry regularly published to Instagram under @hopeandharbor.


a little bit of warmth

Join me in Madison, CT for a women’s retreat to nourish your soul.

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upcoming events

  • shop small, live well: a Maker’s Market - November 24 (RSVP)

  • journaling workshop for anxiety & depression - november 28 (RSVP)

  • W.A.R.M.T.H. A Women’s Retreat to Nourish the Soul - january 11-13 (tickets)

one of the folk

From the Newport stage to the wilds of Vermont,
my photoblog explores the magic of simplicity.