Hi, I’m Casee Marie.

I live in New England with my foster pup, Blaze, where I keep journals full of poetry and creative nonfiction. I write to encourage a deeper relationship with compassion and vulnerability, from my own experiences in mental health recovery to the broader teachings that have been passed down to me through literature and spirit. In the nature of service-based work, I try to use my passion for storytelling to build a stronger sense of empathy in the world around me, and I use my own tendencies as an empath to become a vehicle for compassion. My great hope is that through my writings you’ll be able to touch deeply that place within yourself where you can become aware of your own worthiness and finally come to a place of celebrating all the beauty that inhabits your heart.

We're all in recovery from something.

Whether it's perfectionism, a disorder, a relationship, or a trauma; healing is a universal need. The writings I put into Hope & Harbor are intended as a resource for anyone on a journey of coping and comfort. We overcome our fear not by repressing it, but by acknowledging it and taking away its power, by cultivating within us a healthy and vibrant confident self who speaks with compassion to drown out fear's rampant inner-critic. This has been my practice of reclaiming my authenticity, and I'm privileged to be called to share the lessons of that practice with you, dear friend. x

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hope & harbor

A field guide to quiet courage

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to Newport, with love.

Love, inspiration, and creative expression entwine at the Newport Folk Festival. Here I pay a small tribute to one of my favorite places on earth.

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