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be like the ocean

The ocean is fathoms deep –

its top and bottom cannot exist without each other,

yet the two are extraordinary distances away.


And no matter how fiercely storms might rage above,

no matter how violent the waves on the surface,

always - always - the depths will be still, undisturbed.


Think about that.

Then think about this:

you're like the ocean.

By nature or by grace, you're like the ocean.

poemsCasee Marie
a poem to grant yourself permission

At the beginning of the year I scribbled these lines in my journal, a vow to myself as well as a wish for everyone who lives with challenges of any sort (which is to say, all of us). Take care.

This year I’m allowing myself to feel my feelings,
to accept myself,
to be curious
and free.
is an act of self-love.
is a spiritual practice.
— with love, Casee Marie
poemsCasee Marie