Some Women by Emily Liebert

With her newest novel, author Elizabeth Liebert carries on the tradition of warm, lovable female characters finding strength amid life-changing circumstances. It's a journey she has observed with an empathetic gaze in her past novels, including last year’s poignant and engaging Those Secrets We Keep. In her latest offering she weaves the story of how three vastly different women can be brought together by the very things that seem to be pulling their lives apart. Thoughtful, charming, and sparkling with soul, Some Women uncovers the mysteries of friendship and pays loving tribute to the inexplicable ties that bind us. Brought together by a shared barre fitness class, Annabel, Piper, and Mackenzie are an unlikely trio who find that they don't have to have much in common for fate to bring them together. After her husband and the father of her sons announces he’s leaving her, Annabel's life – and her belief in herself – is thrown into utter chaos as she struggles to find her footing in a life as a suddenly single and all-too-jaded parent. Journalist Piper, on the other hand, has been a single parent for the entirety of her ten year-old daughter Fern’s life – that is, until Fern’s long-absent father resurfaces and interrupts Piper's budding relationship, her communicative understanding with her daughter, and her emotional balance at larger. As Annabel and Piper share their struggles over a post-workout victory pastry, the beautiful – and significantly younger – Mackenzie Mead, wife of the media world’s most prestigious heir, finds herself drawn to the two women by a seemingly unremarkable twist of fate. Struggling to connect with her handsome husband and toiling under the demands of a tyrannical mother-in-law-slash-boss, the silver lining of Mackenzie's rather ominous cloud lingers in the pregnancy she’s been so desperate for. But as tragic changes take shape in her life, too, she’ll discover incomparable support in her new-found friends, as they all will in each other.

Some Women is a story told from the heart, with the nuances of friendship sparkling like stars in an otherwise dark sky. Despite the significant pitfalls that befall Annabel, Piper, and Mackenzie – including loss, lies, and infidelity – Liebert's narrative maintains an energy and enthusiasm that keeps the reader from feeling bogged down; in much the same way that the three main characters life each other up throughout the story, they too become fast friends to the reader as their captivating stories run the gamut from sadness to joy. The result is a beautiful examination of what truly makes a friendship, and how our strength can be discovered through the most unlikely supporters.

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