Review: Dog Trots Globe by Sheron Long

As a reader of The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower you're probably aware of these two basic truths about little old me: I deeply appreciate all things French and I'm an ardent dog lover. My Shetland Sheepdog, Dusty, is nearly as much a mascot of this blog as the iconic Girl and Eiffel Tower. So imagine my delight to discover Sheron Long’s book, Dog Trots Globe, in which she documents a trip to Paris and Provence through the eyes of her dog, Chula. And you guessed it: Chula is a Sheltie! Not only is the concept of Dog Trots Globe completely adorable, but it's incredibly well executed to boot. Through Chula, who is full of zest and charm, Sheron infuses the book with historical facts, travel tips and all the joie de vivre to be expected with the subject of France. Add in some stunning photography and witty illustrations and you have one whimsical, entertaining and insightful travel book. I caught myself with a big smile on my face as I was sifting through the pages, and I felt fully immersed in all the locations Chula and her family visited, from Saint-Rémy-de-Provence to Paris. From astonishing fields of sunflowers and lavender, rustic markets and cafés to the Eiffel Tower alight in the evening there's a fantastic amount of France to take in – and from such a creative, energetic and loveable perspective.

Meet Chula, the spunky little adventurer at the fore of Dog Trots Globe. Image courtesy of OIC Books.

Sheron was kind enough to invite me to take a look at the special enhanced version of Dog Trots Globe which can be read on a computer or iPad and works a sort of magic that will change the way you look at books. You'll flip through the pages just like the book's hardcover edition, but peppered throughout you'll find videos filled with footage, slideshows and music; the sights and the sounds add more vibrancy to each rich French adventure as Chula experiences them. A herd of several thousand sheep making their way through the cobblestoned village streets, for example, isn't just photographed but also videotaped, giving you the very best idea of what the experience was like. (And we also get a very interesting explanation as to why exactly several thousand sheep paraded through the village and scared poor Chula under a café table.)

Chula enjoys a break beside a fountain (aka "big water bowl") in a picturesque French village. Image courtesy of OIC Books

One of the many sweet illustrations by Darius Detwiler that grace the pages of Dog Trots Globe. Image courtesy of OIC Books

After Chula shares all the details of her sights and sniffs through Provence and the City of Lights Sheron takes over and guides you through all you need to know about taking your own furry friend to France. Part photo essay, part memoir, part informational travel guide, Dog Trots Globe is a look at France that’s as whimsical, charming and enchanting as the book’s four-legged narrator herself!

Dusty checked out Chula's Facebook page; he remembers when he was a spry young adventurer, too! (Although his most European endeavor was when he decided to run around outside of a Pizza Hut.)

Title: Dog Trots Globe - To Paris & Provence Author: Sheron Long (and Chula!) Genre: Travelogue Publisher: OIC Books Format: E-book (enhanced edition) Release date: November 1, 2011 Provided by: Sheron Long and OIC Books (preview) Buy the book: OIC Books | Kindle (standard) | Apple iBookstore (enhanced) Connect with the author: Chula has her very own Facebook page!

Many thanks to Sheron for inviting me to review Dog Trots Globe, and to Chula for her sassy, sophisticated guiding through beloved France!