Review: Silver Threads by Jade Kennedy

For a reader, poetry has a way of liquefying more than any other medium of writing. It encompasses all ideas and forms of literature in a way that only poetry can; it can tell a story, it can express a feeling, and it can delve into the abstract. For a reader, poetry can be everything, though for poets the process is likely much less infinite and much more absolute. It’s always interesting to me how different the art of poetry seems through the eyes of the reader and the writer. In most cases, when I read a book I do have a way of reading as a writer – it just happens – but with poetry, being in no way a student of the medium, I truly experience the book as a reader, and that feeling is especially delightful in Jade Kennedy’s debut book of poetry, Silver Threads.

To describe a book as a collection of poems seems utterly lacking. It’s like describing a fictional book as a novel. So let me explore the context of Silver Threads a little more (or attempt to, as a reader). Each poet’s idea of poetry, what it means to them, is always different, and what Jade Kennedy puts forth is a mesmerizing rendering of the English language that explores the utmost creativity of the art of writing. Her works deal with simple and deeply honest reality, but they also explore the gentle and all-encompassing power of imagination, taking basic thoughts into new realms and moving her audience to consider the everyday in a different, more magical light. These are very literary poems – in context, as well as construction – and they deliver a serene and pensive quality that easily stirs emotion, encourages contemplation.

I love these poems. They had a certain magic over me as I read them, the sort that poetry itself can only achieve, the sort that roots itself in your emotions in a way you might not even be able to understand – but you can feel it, and it reverberates for a while. Kennedy’s inclusion of nature as an element in so many of her poems was especially enchanting, and as I became more and more absorbed in her work I felt pulled into the world of each poem through the imagery she so effortlessly creates. In all, Silver Threads is a collection of work that evokes an uncommon awareness of some of the most natural and necessary elements of human nature: our sense of seeing, our sense of feeling, and our sense of being.

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