Review: The Diamond Seekers by Jack Everett and David Coles

Phillip Madden was a top cipher expert and MI5 agent when his life was changed forever: during a family drive amid the tranquility of the English countryside his wife and son were killed in a tragic collision. Reeling from the loss, Phillip terminated his career as an agent and hid himself away in the reclusive country. Five years later, when Phillip is contacted by a man claiming to be his illegitimate and secret firstborn son, events are set into motion that will take him on an adventure he never expected. The crash that caused his wife and son’s deaths, presumed to have been an accident, is revealed to be connected with the death of a courier for the prominent Lorente crime family. Before he died, the courier had hidden a stash of blood diamonds. As a last and most unaware connection to the location of the blood diamonds, Phillip finds himself in the crosshairs of both the powerful Alberto Lorente and his ruthless Eastern European rival. Relying on his skills and a few remaining friends within MI5, Phillip enlists the aide of his Austrian friend Rudi, his newly discovered son Carl, and Rudi’s beautiful sister Astrid. But staying one step ahead of his captors proves difficult when his friends and foes come in all manner of disguises.

The writing team of Jack Everett and David Coles handle the explosive story of The Diamond Seekers with aplomb, moving through numerous developments and crafting imaginative characters with ease. The story’s layers of unpredictable drama beguile its reader as the hunt for the diamonds evolves to span England, Austria, Italy, and even Russia. Along the way every culture is uniquely captured through its characters, from the determined and resourceful Englishman Phillip to his Austrian ally Rudi, and most notably in the Italian mafia lord, Alberto Lorente. Bordering on the obsessed, Alberto models his life and work after his famed ancestor, Niccolo Machiavelli. The darkness surrounding his character leaps off the page and lends one of many fascinating threads to the masterfully detailed story Coles and Everett have created.

While a majority of the novel’s plot lends itself to the thriller genre with its taught mystery, romance also plays a part in the story through the burgeoning relationship between Phillip and Astrid. The theme of family also sees a tribute through Phillip’s connection with his son, Carl. Each unique story and their subsequent emotional journeys are all illustrated with color and charm throughout the novel. The many elements in The Diamond Seekers come together effortlessly to create a novel of terrific suspense and richness. The mystery in the book was what grabbed me the most; the way Coles and Everett applied contemporary styling to classic suspense gives the book a truly unique place in the world of mysteries. Its tone felt at once as timeless as an Ian Fleming novel while the setting maintained a fast-paced and contemporary energy. As a result, The Diamond Seekers is a book that will captivate its reader with page-turning suspense, entertain them with its cast of lively characters, and leave them satisfied with a thoroughly engrossing story.

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The Diamond Seekers