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Fashionable Lit: Book Scarves by Storiarts on Etsy

Here's a little personal something that I absolutely had to share. I'm sure every lover of books will appreciate it; and especially if you're a gal like me who lives in scarves from autumn until the early days of spring. My wonderful sister happened across a photo on Pinterest from Storiarts, a shop on Etsy which prints memorable passages from books onto infinity scarves. She snapped one up for me and surprised me with it for Christmas - as it happens, in all of my explorations on both Pinterest and Etsy, I never once saw these so it was a very big, delightful surprise. She picked out this particular scarf for me knowing it was Jane Austen, one of my favorites, but the kismet of it all is that not only is it Austen, but it's my favorite Austen novel - Persuasion. And not only that, but the excerpt on the scarf happens to be my favorite passage from the book, too! (If you've read the novel you likely already know, the excerpt includes Captain Wentworth's letter to Anne Elliot.) I'm absolutely crazy about my scarf and I've been wearing it in all of my bookworm glory since the holidays. I think it's a brilliant idea, and a very smart gift idea for lovers of literature. It's also warm, so terrifically warm and cozy, and perfect for silly gooses like me who are inclined to wear scarves around the house as well as out and about. What better way to express a love of reading?

You can shop Storiarts on Etsy for Tori's selection of scarves, which currently includes both Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice; they retail at $42. Read more about Tori and her creations here and "like" Storiarts on Facebook as well.

Casee Marie