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Review: Not in the Club: An Executive Woman's Journey Through the Biased World of Business by Janet Pucino

As a proficient technology executive with a successful career history, Janet Pucino saw firsthand the inequality women face in America's modern corporate world. From the difficulties women face in moving up the corporate ladder to the belittlements that prevent the fullest use of their skills at every corporate level, Pucino witnessed the remarkably one-sided struggles that result from an environment historically prone to gender biases. In her new book, Not in the Club, An Executive Woman's Journey Through the Biased World of Business, Pucino explores the concept of an informal but obstinately elite group dominated by men in the upper echelons of corporate America: the "Club". The premise of the book illustrates the reality of gender inequality in the business world, as well as calling attention to hierarchical biases and the general inaccessibility of organizations whose executives demonstrate Club-based mentalities. Backed by startling research study results and calling on the experiences of other executives – both male and female – Pucino boldly uncovers the reality of the mood in today’s corporate world.

Not in the Club takes several shapes throughout its exploration, all merged into an informational book under the systematic and professional voice of its author. Partly a memoir, it serves as a canvas for the personal experiences and anecdotes Pucino has collected throughout her career that support her Club theory. Now the CEO and founder of a company specializing in content development, publishing and consulting, she has much to reflect on in the progress of her career and the people whose professional involvement helped – as well as hindered – her managerial experience. Alternatively, much of the book works as an informational guide for women in the early stages of their careers, illuminating key characteristics of Club mentality and offering advice on how to progress through or divert from organizations that foster it.

Lastly, Pucino’s book is a call to arms for both men and women at every stage of their corporate careers to stop and examine the reality of gender bias and the extent of its presence in professional environments. Pucino writes with commendable professionalism, and while at times I could imagine that the passion with which she pursues her study could ruffle the feathers of some readers, it’s clear that the strength of her voice is a necessary tool for creating change. Her business savvy and use of the industry’s language will likely appeal to professionals in all capacities of the corporate world, making the book a useful and effective component within its milieu. Promoting new ideas for business management with a refreshingly progressive focus, Not in the Club clearly portrays Pucino’s mission to create more opportunities for women and an increasingly effective environment for professionals of all diversities.

Title: Not In The Club: An Executive Woman's Journey Through the... Author: Janet Pucino Genre: nonfiction, business Publisher: Deep Canyon Media LLC Release date: February 1, 2013 Source: Olmstead Williams Communications, Inc. (C/O) Buy the book: Amazon | Kindle | Barnes & Noble Connect with the author: Website | Twitter

Not In The Club: An Executive Woman's Journey Through the Biased World of Business

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