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Review: The Power Trip by Jackie Collins

When Russian billionaire Aleksandr Kasianenko plans an elaborate birthday celebration for his supermodel mistress, Bianca, no detail is overlooked. A custom super-yacht on the mystifying Sea of Cortez, exquisite cuisine, personal tours of private islands, and a finitely detailed guest list of five of the world’s most powerful couples will make Bianca’s thirtieth birthday an historic one. Among the party are UK celebrity footballer Taye Sherwin and his interior designer wife, Ashley; Latin music superstar Luca Perez and his haughty English boyfriend, Jeromy; devious US Senator Hammond Patterson and his unhappily married wife, Sierra; world-renowned journalist Flynn Hudson and his humanitarian-minded friend, Xuan; and well-aged movie star Cliff Baxter, a perpetual bachelor and regular Sexiest Man Alive alum, with his spirited younger girlfriend, Lori. With its star-studded array of passengers and finely-crafted amenities, the yacht’s stage is set as the million-dollar attendees lavish themselves amid the most extravagant glamour money can buy. But trouble finds paradise – or perhaps it never left; Ashley wants revenge from Taye, who made tabloid headlines when he cheated on her; Luca is discovering that Jeromy’s sexual insatiability has led him outside their relationship; Sierra is struggling with the realization of her senator husband’s sexual perversions and personal deceits; Flynn can’t seem to escape the one woman he’s ever loved, while Xuan finds herself in Bianca’s crosshairs; and free-spirited Lori is determined to set Cliff off his path of bachelorhood and onto the road to marriage. Meanwhile for Aleksander, an old enemy is plotting his revenge for past wrongs with the help of a Mexican daredevil and his wily band of pirates. In true Jackie Collins style, this luxurious birthday cruise will soon become the backdrop for an adventure of secrets, lies, sexual exploits, and backstabbing deviancy on the high seas.

If any author can be credited with dominating a genre, Jackie Collins certainly fits the bill. Her books have gone full circle and beyond, often being used to describe their genre rather than the other way around. For fans of the author’s historically sensational combination of glitz and bawdiness, The Power Trip will be a happy journey into the iconic world of Jackie Collins. Her knack for creating outrageous and colorful characters – from the likable to the outright detestable – is in full swing; every guest on the indomitable yacht is defined in detail, making the book play out in the reader’s mind like a boldly imagined film. There are possibly more characters to dislike than there are to like amid The Power Trip, and the unlikable ones are extreme in their villainy. I did, however, find myself connecting strongly to the characters whom quickly became my favorites – determined Sierra and intrepid Flynn – as well as being pleasantly surprised by my growing affection for others – most notably cheeky Cliff and his adventurous girlfriend, Lori. Rumor has it that the celebrity guests were reimagined by Collins based on real-life stars, which adds a certain amount of gossipy intrigue to the book.

The story Collins has dreamed up takes its time unraveling, luxuriating at the beginning before zipping through an exciting final act. The pace she keeps is complimentary to the story and shows her experience as a storyteller. For someone who is so well-versed in her genre, one might expect that Collins’s formula could become predictable in this, her twenty-ninth novel, but her surprises pack a great punch. As expected, The Power Trip pushes boundaries in a way that will either turn readers off or leave them wanting more. Jackie Collins has created a quintessential page-turning adventure of sex, money, and murder that feels like taking a trip away from the winter climbs and into the absolute glamour of summertime.

Title: The Power Trip Author: Jackie Collins Genre: romance, suspense Publisher: St. Martin's Press Release date: February 12, 2013 Source: Get Red PR (c/o) Buy the book: Amazon | Kindle | Barnes & Noble Connect with the author: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

The Power Trip

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