The Newport Folk Festival holds a special place in my heart because it's where I feel most at home in the wider world. I first attended the festival when I was just two years into my recovery from severe anxiety, at a time when I was still struggling with years of reclusive avoidance of life. At the fort, the goodness of the community knocked me off my feet, and it's been in my bones ever since. Every artist and attendee is a part of my family and they don't even know it. I do my best to support the fest and the people who make it possible in whatever way I can - my photographs aim to capture that unique sense of empowerment and empathy that can only be found at the fort.

NFF 2016: scenes from the fort

NFF 2017: Scenes from the fort

NFF 2017: Preservation Jazz Hall Band

NFF 2017: Speak Out!

NFF 2017: John Prine & Friends